A Father’s Day Devotional 2016

Matthew 7:11

11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

Our sons, marrying, continue our family line. Our daughters, given in marriage, continue the families of their husbands, but are no less a part of us.

What, then, should be our legacy as fathers? What values do we impart to them that will reflect the best of us as they grow into their individuality? As adults, they will either hold on to those lessons, or release them, based on our examples.

Jesus says that as men, we are evil, yet will not give our children things that are bad for them. While this is not true for all men, it is true according to G-d’s plan for the family.

We are evil not because we are mean people, but because we were born to sin, and trouble, as surely as sparks fly upward.

Unable to earn grace, and undeserving of mercy, we yet have it through our Lord and Savior, Who tells us that if we keep our eyes on Him, we see the Father. He tells us that He and the Father are one: in purpose, in will, and in action. Jesus will not gainsay the Father, for He tells us that He only speaks that which the Father has given Him to say.

As we grow to manhood and undertake the roles of husband, father, head of house, spiritual leader, and priest of our Lord, we are yet sinners, and hence evil, but also capable of love. We smile when our children our happy, and comfort them when they’re sad. We rejoice in their victories, and counsel them in their setbacks.

We teach, and discipline, and guide them in times of adversity.

And as they grow and watch us, let us keep praying psalms of ascent, when the men were called apart to climb the mountains and do kingdom business with the Lord our G-d.

This is not just a calling, but a ministry, a responsibility like no other. It is not to be entered into casually, with a loose connection born of lust. Children in the hands of their fathers, we are told, are like arrows. Let us consider carefully where, how, and who they will impact when they land.

And when the time comes to go the way of all flesh, and rest with our fathers, hopefully we see our legacy of Lord’s love in our children’s eyes.

Therefore I pray:

Let every man who reads this consider the cost of the sacrifice, for the children You give him, O G-d, will once again face You for judgment, and we, as fathers, will be held accountable for that which we imparted to them; that which was of You, and that which was not.

Teach us to love as the Father loves us, giving good things, wanting to bless, and show favor, but not favoritism.

Lord, put a special anointing on the fathers of children with special needs, and guide them in the way they should go, if You do not grant healing. according to Your sovereign will.

Help us to see the Father’s love through Christ’s example, and to emulate, and to turn to You for strength when we waver, and make mistakes, and sin against our children.

Help us to keep our promises.

Help us to be good providers.

Above all, Lord, I pray, let our legacies of the gifts you gave us be pleasing to You, so that when we give account of our fatherhood, You will say to us, Well done.




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